Tibur concept art
Tibur is an species of enemy found in Heroes of Ruin. So far their only known location is the Coral Tombs. They have the appearance of a Human-Shark hybrid. It is said the strongest Tibur of them all is the infamous Bandit King, who dwells somewhere within the Coral Tombs.

[edit] Behaviour

They are mericless leaders, valuing power over all other things and rule with a strong sense of the strong overpowering the weak. Within their tribes they seem to order each other around and intimidate clans of weaker monsters. If a Tibur is able to gain power over powerful monsters and foes they attain the rank of 'Hornblower', an extremely respected role without a tribe of Tibur. The Leviathan is said to be controlled by a large shell these Hornblowers possess.

Tibur are extremely battle hardened and prefer close hand-to-hand combat as opposed to long/medium range, allowing them to flaunt their huge muscle and jaw power - with power to the extent that their attacks become next to unblockable. They exhibit scars from their many battles with interlopers and even other Tibur, fighting amongst themselves for position and prominence.

As Tibur become larger in size, the more powerful they become. They become able to wield bigger weapons and more powerful armour, securing a higher place in the food chain. As they climb up the ladder of power, they are able to acquire better battle facilities such as weapons and armour. The Bandit King is said to be the biggest and strongest of all the Tibur.

[edit] Variants

  • Tibur Gnasher
  • Tibur Frenzyfang
  • Tibur Hornblower
  • Tibur Razorfin

[edit] Name Origin

The term "Tibur" has officially been recognized to be of Spanish origin, hailing from the Spanish word for 'Shark', Tiburón.

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