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Sentinel Branch
The Skill Tree shows off the different skills available for each Class. Each class will be 15 unique skills that will be sub-divided into Branches. Each of the skills available will be able to be leveled up and become more powerful. Each skill will be classified as either Active, Buff or Passive.


[edit] Branches

[edit] Gunslinger

[edit] Saboteur Branch

[edit] Wildcard Branch

[edit] Commando Branch

[edit] Vindicator

[edit] Crusader Branch

[edit] Warden Branch

[edit] Sentinel Branch

[edit] Savage

[edit] Huntsman Branch

[edit] Ravager Branch

[edit] Maniac Branch

[edit] Alchitect

[edit] Warlock Branch

[edit] Sorcerer Branch

[edit] Envoker Branch

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