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Concept art of the Savage
Stats Might +3
Vigor +2
Soul +1
Description An enormous barbarian from the far north, the Savage uses quick movement, brutal attacks, and self-sacrificing strategy to tear through foes
The Savage is one of the four playable Classes in Heroes of Ruin. He was exiled from his tribe and takes on the mission to help the king of Nexus in order to gain power and glory. The Savage relies strength and power, leaving his defense low, but his pure offense capabilities are vicious and effective. He uses quick and powerful tribal weaponry and primal instincts to to decimate his adversaries. He uses his fists to drive his way through a barricade of enemies.

This character's attack damage increases as his energy is depleted. He uses brutal bladed fists to take the fight up close and personal.


[edit] Methodology

Once a member of a tribe, the Savage still holds true to his beliefs in ritual and tradition. To him, blood and flesh are all-powerful forces. Many of his borderline psychotic fighting style moves lead to am almost sacrificial finisher, which rips organs and other vitals free for consumption.

[edit] Fighting Style

When the Savage fights, his innate magical energies can be drawn upon as he hacks and slashes, stealing the life force blow by blow. This life forces helps fuel himself and his deadly abilities making him ever the more deadlier and ready for the next fight. Some abilities will extract these energies during the fight, helping in bring bigger and stronger foes to their knees.

[edit] Weaponry

The Savage uses his own brute strength when taking on his enemies. And so as to not wanting to take away from his own strength forgoes conventional weapons with special gloved style gauntlets, covered in razor sharp spikes and blades just to add more insult to his already brutal ability to injury his foes.

[edit] Skill Tree

Name Effects Notes
Huntsman Branch
Throws a hook on a chain, allowing him to stun enemies and pull them closer
Sends a blast of energy through the ground to your foes, knocking them back
Knocks your enemies back
Summons spirits that torment enemies that hit you. At max rank, nearby party members are also protected.
A charged strike when it impacts an enemy, it erupts with a projectile of power.
Makes you faster and grants damage resistance and restraints immunity. At max rank, nearby party members are also empowered.
Ravager Branch
Allows you to gain health when you score a hit against an enemy. At max rank, nearby party members can do the same.
Increases your damage and drastically increases your attacks' knockback. At max rank, nearby party members can do the same.
Deals a vicious does of damage to foes in front of you at the cost of your own health.
Gives you a chance to amass extra damage as you're struck. The extra damage strengthens your next critical hit.
Makes you move resistant to damage and allows you to stand your ground, regaining energy when struck.
Maniac Branch
Crushes a nearby enemy. If you kill an enemy with the attack, you boost your strength and speed.
Imbues you with battle rage. As you take damage, you deal more damage with your own attacks.
Gives you a chance to mark the battlefield when struck, increasing you and your allies' attack power.
A powerful combination attack that wounds enemies it strikes, dealing damage over time.
Sends you into a berserker fury, unleashing attack after attack at your enemies as you channel the attack.
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