Nexus is a city in the expansive World of Veil. Its leader is Ataraxis who has been poisoned, and his illness threatens the fragile peace he has managed to attain for the World of Veil. He sends out a plea for something who can find a cure, promising immeasurable rewards to those who succeed. Nexus is home to interesting walks of life, some who are worth talking to. You could learn some lore or a valuable tip which could improve performance. Though possibly the dialogue is nothing but trivial info about their daily life.

The city will act as a hub for sidequests and missions.


[edit] Lore

Nexus is one of seven cities established by some Archmages which led the 7th Legion of Veil. Some time after the Lord of Ruin's forces were defeated, Ataraxis founded Nexus, which lies near a convergence of magical leylines. For a time, Ataraxis ruled Nexus and it's human inhabitants, but he eventually passed his rule of the city to capable mortals. The Kings of Nexus are elected by considering their political acumen, sorcery talents, and social benevolence. Therefore, a new king can only be elected when; upon death of the current king or retirement, and the worthiness of the new candidates or inadequacies of the current king. Nexus has made a name for itself with its free trade, with is ideal location and allowing merchants to sell their wares and people to buy them with the governments lack of involvement. To sell and trade one must have the right currency, and for the city of Nexus, currency is wood from the Elder Forest, ore from the mountains, and fish from the nearby harbor. Many other cities have engaged in war and skirmishes with each other, however, Nexus has always remained neutral allowing trade to anyone. Nexus has also have not been attacked during these battles do to their neutrality and its location, which is surrounded by the sea.

[edit] Districts

[edit] Merchants District

The Merchants District is where the majority of trading takes place in the city. In this area is Luke's Assorted Accessories, Hugh's Restorative Potions, Jayme's Savage Surplus, Shaw's Alchitect Magicware, Jacobi's Vindicator Armaments, and Remy's Gunslinger Emporium. The latter four shops are tailed specifically for their class. They sell all battle equipment needed for each class; Weapons, Shoulders, Torso's, Gloves and Boots. Luke's Assorted Accessories deals with the stat boosting items such as Trinkets, Neck pieces, Rings and Belts. Unlike the other vendors, these are not class specific, due to the nature of the items also not being specifically for any of the classes. Finally, as the name would suggest Hugh sells both Health Potions and Mana Potions, each costing 1000G for one of either.

[edit] Noble District

The Noble District homes many things, notably houses of the Noblemen and women of Nexus as well as the infamous Castle Arcanus where Ataraxis is found to have been cursed outside of. From there you can access the Frost Reaches. It also features a large fountain at its center.

[edit] Castle Arcanus

Castle Arcanus is a large Castle found in the Noble District of Nexus. It is where King Marcus resides as ruler of the city, as well as provides an entry point into the Soul Void, where Mages keep their studies.

[edit] Industrial District

The Industrial District is found in the North-West of Nexus. It is a rundown area where the blacksmithing and weapon making takes place. It serves as an entry point into the Elder Forest. It lays waste to a lot of scrap metal which can be found littering the entire area.

[edit] The Dregs

The Dreggs is an area in the South-West of the city. It acts as a the cities Shanty town where criminal activity is rife. It also homes the Valor Vendor, owned by Archmage Therus. Not only this but the Trader's Network merchant can be found here, called Smiling Rafael. Trading items with him will allow people who have Streetpass enabled on their 3DS to receive weapons you've given in that you no longer need or want or can't use due to your class.

[edit] Missions

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