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The Leviathan's Lair
The Leviathan is a boss that appears in Heroes of Ruin and will appear in the Coral Tombs dungeon. It spends its time lurking in the depths of the ocean until it is summoned by its pirate masters with a specially crafted Conch Shell that alerts the beast of their location.

The Leviathan lives in a large, cavernous room with a large hole in the middle of the floor. This hole is opens up to the ocean, to which the Leviathan can easily access the dungeon. The Leviathan can submerge itself through the hole and instead extend its tentacles back up into the cave.

The room has four major pieces of coral rock around its perimeter, each large enough for a Savage or a Vindicator to hide behind. These rocks serve as barriers for the player early in the fight, but are eventually destroyed, revealing smaller pools of water that an individual large tentacle can extend up into the room.

The Leviathan has many different abilities which it uses in its attempt to destroy the heroes who have summoned it. It has incredibly sharp teeth and powerful jaws and a tendency to spit ash at its enemies. Those enemies that are out of range of its fearsome abilities are sucked into its peripheral with its incredibly powerful lungs.

It's also recommended that adventurers try and avoid the Leviathan’s tentacles, which sprout out of holes in the ground. The monster can sweep them around the room to remove debris, as well as any pesky heroes that might be around.[1]

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