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Captain Skullrot's Ship
Captain Skullrot will be an enemy to appear in the Coral Tombs. He uses magic that dispells the team members from one another called Fear.

[edit] Background

Captain Skullrot used to be one of the greatest men to ever ride the tides; a buccaneer of vision, respected by his crew and feared by everyone else. Skullrot wasn't his actual name, more an alias, a character with a fearsome name to help hone his reputation. Even as the shroud of war descended upon the land during The Dark Times, Skullrot's name shook the bones of the schemers and warmongers. At one time it was said that even the sea itself feared him.

Over time Skullrot became obsessed with the rumoured great beast known as the Leviathan. It was said that he who could control the fabled monster could control all the world's seas. He became obsessed, paranoid, and blinded by rage and frustration. His legend and respect dwindled and turned to dust in his hands as he drove his restless crew on. Mutinous mutterings of Skullrot's obsession were swiftly put to the sword, as those who dared to defy his orders were slain. The flow of blood from his sword was as steady as the flow of information was dry. Over the years his name was all-but forgotten. Yet sailors would talk of seeing a once great ship pulling in for supplies late at night; of a captain with a wild, haunted look in his good eye and a crew of spirit-broken men doing his bidding.

How Skullrot met his end is unknown. His wrecked ship is now part of the Coral Tombs, and perished close to his ultimate goal. Skullrot, still obsessed, walks its decks still - though as a skeletal ghoul so frightening that even the staunchest warrior may find themselves overcome by fear. He waits in the dark, guarding his secrets to finding the Leviathan. Secrets collected over a lifetime. Determined to prevent any soul from finding that which he could not.[1]

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