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The Alchitects of Requiem are a group of mages found in the Elven city of Requiem, situated on a large island in the Southern sea in the World of Veil. While sorcerers roam the land of Veil freely, many look toward the future of Veil in order to build a new world to live in. However, the Alchitects of Requiem do not share the same vision and instead look to the past, seeking out the secrets of and old world, long since forgotten and buried in the War of Ruin. Under the guidance of Ruinlord Ophidian their aim is to reassemble the shattered knowledge across the land.

The Alchitects of Requiem are a group found exclusively in the Elven City of Requiem, where the winged ruinlord establishes himself in the pursuit of knowledge. He craves knowledge, lost knowledge, especially that concerning the arcane arts. To him, knowledge was the source of all power and each piece of new information a treasure worth keeping. The City of Requiem, renown as the last pure Elven settlement in Veil soon hailed the nickname 'City of Secrets'.

The rediscovery of lost knowledge was regarded as the most virtuous pursuit in Requiem. In the years after the city was founded, the mages of Requiem began to venture out across Veil, across the seas and throughout the mainland, in search of more eldritch knowledge. While Veil had no shortage of adventurers and plunderers digging through the wreckage of the civilizations lost in the war, the Alchitects of Requiem became known for their unique thirst for magical knowledge – not for profit or the strength to rule, but to rebuild a new world from the pieces of the old.

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