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Alchitect Logo Concept Art
Stats Might +2
Vigor +1
Soul +3
Description An elven wizard from the island city of Requiem, the Alchitect weaves spells and magical items to bewilder and annihilate groups of enemies
The Alchitect is one of the four playable Classes in Heroes of Ruin. She acts as a ranged spellcaster but the nature of her spells (Passive or Damaging) is currently unknown. She is a student from a far off academy who aims to be one of the most powerful and feared spell casters in the world.

[edit] History

The Alchitect is part of a wider, overarching establishment known as the Alchitects of Requiem, a coven situated on a large island in the Southern Sea in the World of Veil. While sorcerers roam the land of Veil freely, many look toward the future of Veil in order to build a new world to live in. However, the Alchitects of Requiem do not share the same vision and instead look to the past, seeking out the secrets of an old world, long since forgotten and buried in the War of Ruin. Under the guidance of Ruinlord Ophidian their aim is to reassemble the shattered knowledge across the land.

The Alchitects of Requiem are a group found exclusively in the Elven City of Requiem, where the winged ruinlord establishes himself in the pursuit of knowledge. He craves knowledge, especially lost knowledge that concerning the arcane arts. To him, knowledge was the source of all power and each piece of new information a treasure worth keeping. The City of Requiem, renown as the last pure Elven settlement in Veil soon hailed the nickname 'City of Secrets'.

[edit] Objective

The name “Alchitect,” is the amalgamation of “alchemy” and “architect,” As the name suggests it was created by the elves to reflect their devotion to rebuilding the world using ancient knowledge. However, outsiders often have difficulties believing in the Alchitect devotion to rebuilding when, like many mages, they seem entirely willing to use destructive spells to smash or destroy whatever lies in their path.

The long-lived elves see their actions as part of much longer goals in a timespan that is beyond the comprehension of their companions. What is broken down today can be reassembled tomorrow, they reason, explaining that the city of Requiem has been built from the fragments of other destroyed elven cities. This dogma of development-through-destruction often makes little sense to the other inhabitants of Veil, but Alchitects are waveringly confident of the truth of it… thanks in no small part to rigorous arcane indoctrination administered by the Ruinlord Ophidian. These strong beliefs can often be seen adopted in personal modifications. Those Alchitects that have trained and “graduated” often sport a “rebuilt” arm or leg that's been removed and replaced with a replica made of enchanted steel.

This somewhat-warped view of the future and ironclad conviction in the power of knowledge often lead Alchitects to appear not merely overconfident, but positively manic. A few seem to border on the unhinged – an impression reinforced by their penchant for facing certain death in the name of the hunt for lost knowledge.

[edit] Skills

Name Effects Notes
Warlock Branch
Arcane Bolts sends a wave of magical bolts homing in on enemy targets. Upgrading increases the number of bolts.
Power: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Gravity Bomb lobs an explosive relic at your enemies. On impact, it creates a vortex that seizes and stuns foes. Upgrading increases damage and duration.
Power: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Repulsion Field blasts back and deals damage to nearby enemies. At max rank, it offers the same protection to nearby party members. Upgrading increases duration, damage and repulsion strength.
Buff: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Elemental Blast is a charged shot of arcane force that replenishes your health when you kill an enemy. Upgrading increases damage and healing power.
Power: Required Skills: Rank Up:
A personal boost that not only hyper-accelerates the Alchitect, but causes nearby enemies to drop in speed as they’re entrapped by mystic energies.
Buff: Required Skills: Rank Up: Speeds up your movement and attacks as it slows your enemies. At max rank, it also enhances nearby party members.
Sorcerer Branch
Pain Siphon replenishes health when you score a critical hit. At max rank, it does the same for nearby party members and the duration increases. Upgrading increases critical strike chance and health gain.
Buff: Required Skills: Rank Up: Steal life force, at max party members get to do the same.
Energize gives a massive boost to your energy regen and speed. At max rank, it does the same for nearby party members. Upgrading increases duration and boosts.
Buff: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Lightning Strike blasts enemies in front of you with electric power, dealing damage with a chance to stun enemies on hit. Upgrading improves damage and stun chance.
Power: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Terror Ward punishes enemies that strike you, giving you a chance to send them running in terror as they take damage. Upgrading increases the chance of triggering, as well as damage and duration.
Passive: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Shadowmancer enhances your teleportation Evade, making it travel faster and causing a burst of power that knocks back enemies. Upgrading boosts damage and evasion speed.
Passive: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Evoker Branch
Death Mist places a zone of corrosive power on the battlefield, damaging enemies within its grasp. Upgrading boosts damage and duration.
Power: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Relic Hunter gives you a chance to activate a buff that enchances your damage or energy regen when you quick sell or collect items respectively. Upgrading boosts damage bonus, chance to activate and duration.
Passive: Required Skill: Rank Up: Allows you a surge of power when discovering new items in dungeons.
War Mage increases the damage of all your spells, and gives you a chance to drastically regain energy when you kill an enemy. Upgrading increases the damage bonus.
Passive: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Phalanx summons a whirlwind of spectral spears around you, damaging enemies. On release, the spears fly in all directions. Upgrading increases the number of spears and damage.
Power: Required Skills: Rank Up:
Solar Beam is a channeled blast of fiery power. Killing a foe with it creates a protective sphere of power around you.
Power: Required Skills: Rank Up:
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