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List of wearable items found off vanquished does and rewards as quests or sold at the venders in Nexus.

  • Buffs:
    • Battlemend - Chance on hit to remove all your negative status effects.
    • Daredevil - Speed-hampering effects afflicting you have shorter duration.
    • Divine - Gives a chance to narrowly escape death.
    • Fateshield - Chance when hit to create a shield that blocks incoming attacks.
    • Frostclad - Chance to slow enemy with ice.
    • Galeburst - Chance when hit by an enemy to create a burst of wind which knocks back enemies.
    • Gorestrike - Chance on hit to wound.
    • Rageborn - Chance on hit to create a zone of power and speed.
    • Righteous - Chance when hit by an enemy to do damage in turn.
    • Slystrike - Your critical strikes will replenish your health.
    • Steelscar - You deal more damage as you take damage.
    • Stormfury - Chance on hit to zap an enemy with lightning.
    • Swift - Your movement speed is increased slightly.
    • Valiant - Chance on hit to create a zone of regenerative power.
    • Warblaze - Chance on hit to light an enemy on fire.


[edit] WEAPONS

[edit] Vindicator

[edit] Gunslinger

[edit] Alchitect

[edit] Savage

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